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Germany is clearly at the centre and heart of Commerzbank Research. Our local expertise and the Commerzbank‘s strong position on the domestic market give us a special status in the analysis of German companies and the German and European economies.

  • The analysis of key global economies and the commodities markets forms the basis of our specialisation.
  • IR & FX Strategy focus on movements in global interest and exchange rates.
  • Portfolio Strategy and Technical Analysis focus primarily on Western European markets.
  • Emerging Markets is centred in the CEMA Region.
  • Equity and Credit Analysis concentrates on German companies and European sectors in which German companies play an important role.
  • Covered Bonds Research and Real Estate equity research underpins Commerzbank‘s core competence in real estate business.


Globally linked capital markets require an integrated analysis of various asset classes. Only an overall analysis of market correlations allow us to anticipate price movements resulting from capital flows. Our approach to research is therefore based on strong interaction between teams.

  • Portfolio Strategy gathers the know-how of our specialist teams and shapes it into a consistent multi-asset strategy.
  • Equity and Credit analysts concentrate on the same core sectors and use the same models.
  • Our technical analysis gives the fundamental teams constant mental stimulus to challenge their fundamental standpoint.
  • Our real estate teams in equity research and covered bonds work very closely in order to recognise the trends through the real estate asset class.
  • Our company analysts discuss the implications of current trends on the commodities markets with our commodity experts.

Close to the market

Our research is known for its sound but short and precise analyses with solid recommendations for investors. In addition to longer-term trends we attach particular importance to including shorter-term momentum factors.

  • We readily provide answers to the questions behind current market movements to create most value for our customers.
  • We deliberately limit the number of standard publications to provide scope for current issues and event-related research.
  • Swift, short, to the point and clear are the attributes with which our customers are to associate Commerzbank Research.
  • We aim to make it clear where we stand and give our customers an opinion in addition to description.
  • Clearly recognisable product range / Commerzbank brand.

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