Top Market Calls for 2017

Key highlights

  • 55% of the audience members predicted two Fed hikes
  • 34% of the audience members see the DAX in a year's time 12,000 to 12,999
  • On the prospects for the Euro versus the US Dollar, 56% see a range of $1 to $1.10
  • 50% see the Pound Sterling versus the Euro weaken by less than 50%
  • 59% of the audience favoured an investment in gold versus 41% in oil
  • 64% regard the new US administration as positive in the short-term but negative long-term
  • 27% of the audience expect the nationalist or populist parties to gain influence in one country (in the polls in the Netherlands, France, German and possibly Italy)
  • 53% see a moderate reversal of globalisation, whereas 25% see an advance over the next few years

Global Economy and Capital Markets Forum 2017

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