4th Annual Global Economy and Capital Markets Forum

In March 2016, Commerzbank successfully held its 4th annual Global Economy and Capital Markets Forum in Frankfurt, attended by around 400 delegates from more than 50 countries.

The event opened with a podium discussion titled "Geopolitics Part I: Navigating the new world (dis)order" and was followed by further debates on the role of Russia, the rise of China and the future of Europe. Day two of the Forum gave valuable insights into investment topics and the current state of play in the European Banking sector.

The panel discussions featured top academics, policy makers, leading economists and market participants, including the political scientist and economist Francis Fukuyama (author of the top seller “The end of history and the last man”), former Secretary General of NATO and former Prime Minister of Denmark Anders Fogh Rasmussen and President of the Munich Ifo Institute for Economic Research Hans-Werner Sinn.

We invited a wide range of our international clients and global speakers for an open debate. Clients were invited to contribute to the discussions and also had the opportunity to network with their contemporaries.

Panel debates included:

  • Geopolitics – Navigating the new world (dis)order
  • World economy – Emerging angst: How far will emerging markets fall?
  • Europe and the Euro – Towards an ever closer union?
  • Investing - How long will cheap money drive markets?
  • Regulation - Mission accomplished?
  • Digitalisation - How will banks adapt?