For your day-to-day trading needs

Take positions on global markets swiftly, easily and confidently, with real-time trading capabilities. Enjoy the freedom to trade online or by voice as each trade demands – backed by comprehensive support through the trade life cycle to help navigate market and regulatory complexity.

Partner with us to trade - At-trade services

Foreign Exchange - Meet all your FX trading needs across G10 and emerging markets

Commodities - Full trading capabilities for precious metals

Cash Equities - Go-to expertise and trading in German equities

Credit - Trade core and non-core European credit, including repo

Listed Securitised Derivatives- Trade over 180,000 cross-asset securitised derivative products, ETFs, CFDs and mutual funds, equities and listed options and over 850 ETFs. In addition, our Comstage ETF platform covers approximately 100 funds across all major asset classes

Multi-Asset OTC Derivatives – We are a respected counterparty in a wide range of simple to highly complex products across the fixed income asset classes. Our offering includes integrated Market Services to support you on all regulatory and reporting issues.

Electronic Trading

However you want to connect with us, it is almost certain we are already there. You can connect with us via the Internet, data centres, other trading systems and our own FIX API. A dedicated support team is on hand to ensure a seamless experience. We are also present on multi-dealer platforms (i.e. Bloomberg, FX All, 360T etc.) and you can trade our listed securitised derivatives via our seamless state-of-the art platforms.

Experience intuitive, secure and seamless e-trading. Use our multi-asset trading platform Commander or a portal of your choice – all supported by global 24/5 teams, and award-winning insight and research.

eFI – We are a leading liquidity provider on most fixed income and FX electronic communications networks (ECNs) and trading platforms. Benefit from exceptional liquidity and competitive and transparent pricing across all core European fixed income markets

Partner with us to trade - Post-trade services

Market Services - A complete one-stop service to manage your post-trade activities easily and compliantly, from collateral solutions and trade reporting to OTC Clearing and custody

Key strengths

  • Leading market maker in Equity and Commodity derivatives, European credit and bonds and EUR-based currency pairs
  • One of the top primary dealers in European Government bonds and a leading bond trading house
  • Expert access to the Emerging Markets
  • Award-winning research franchise
  • Comprehensive multi-asset e-trading platform via the Commander platform – supported by global teams and voice-based trading whenever required
  • Comprehensive pre-trade, trade and post-trade support to ensure trading efficiency and regulatory compliance
  • Extensive derivative and structuring expertise to achieve specific trading outcomes
  • Post-trade: A leading European regional OTC client clearing platform