Expand your structuring expertise

Kristall is a unique collaborative platform. It allows you to expand your own FX structuring capabilities by harnessing Commerzbank technology and expertise from your desktop.

The intuitive interface allows you to price multiple products, modifying any parameter as you go. You can simulate market movements and work with our structuring experts – all online and in real-time.

With Kristall you can:

Collaborate with experts - Chat and share pricing files with our structurers in real-time to double check product details before the trade goes ahead.

Analyse pricing - See all factors that determine pricing on-screen including risk sensitivities and hedging information. You can price and save multiple versions of any product.

Know your risks - Access full details of product risk exposures including credit risk to determine collateral management needs.

Fulfil client service - Generate termsheets from pricing screens and access intraday portfolio revaluations.

Work in confidence - Access the Commerzbank structuring network to get help when you want and for what you want, whilst retaining ownership over the information you want to keep confidential.

Note: Respective local regulations are applicable. Some of the products/services described here are not available to investors in Japan. Please contact your local representative for further details.



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