Take control of market uncertainty

Manage short and long term uncertainty across FX, rates, commodities, equities, credit, pensions and other market exposures when either managing assets or corporate risks. Our award-winning risk service spans across analysis of your risk exposures to simple to more structured hedging solutions.

Commodities - Work with our global teams to analyse your risks then structure and implement transparent hedging strategies across oil, metals, agriculturals and carbon Learn more

Foreign Exchange - Take control of currency volatility across G10 and emerging markets with comprehensive trading, structuring, advisory and analytical services from a top-tier FX provider (Source: No. 1 for Currency Overall, Deutsches Risk, 2016) in all time zones.

Interest Rates - Support your interest-rate decision-making with independent analysis and guidance, plus access to a comprehensive range of vanilla and structured rate hedging solutions.

Key strengths

  • No.1 Overall for the third consecutive in Deutsches Risk Rankings 2016
  • One-stop approach for all your risk mitigation needs across all asset classes
  • Extensive capabilities both across and within asset classes such as Quantitative, Corporate and Commodity Solutions, to analyse and quantify client specific risk exposures and produce custom studies including consideration of prevailing market conditions and long term consequences.
  • Commander - a multi-asset trading platform, provides built-in research and insight plus real-time spot, forward, futures and options trading