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A lower interest rate environment, rising life expectancy and increased uncertainty about future inflation have pushed the pension topic up the corporate agenda. Underfunded pension plans thus call for immediate attention from three dimensions: How to improve funding levels, how to reduce balance sheet volatility and how to best manage future cash flows.

To help our clients tackle these challenges, Commerzbank’s pension advisors analyse the complete risk parameters of pension liabilities, the impact of changes in the market and potential cash flow risks. We offer Asset Management and Deficit Management solutions to enhance funding levels and Liability Management solutions to hedge balance sheet risks. These optimisation strategies, volatility immunisation tools and smart funding solutions can lead to lower debt levels, enhanced cash flow control and stronger balance sheets.

Our pension solutions team draws on all pension-related expertise within Commerzbank to ensure a targeted and coordinated approach– find out more in our ‘Pension Toolbox’ below.

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