Market-leading commodity services

As an European leader in commodity risk management (Deutsches Risk: No 1 “Commodities” since 2011), Commerzbank supports you in identifying, quantifying and hedging Commodity price risks. Our commodities solutions can be tailored to your needs across energy and emissions, precious metals as well as base metals. We offer a wide range of instruments from plain vanilla (Swaps, Forwards, Options) to bespoke structured solutions. With Commerzbank’s comprehensive set of underlyings and instruments we help you to manage your Commodity risks and implement your individual risk management strategy.

Risk management & hedging solutions


Thanks to our long standing market knowledge and expertise, we are able to offer our clients a wide range of hedging solutions tailored to their needs, helping them to manage and control the costs associated with underlying commodity exposures. This includes energy, carbon, industrial and precious metals Find out more

Investment solutions


We offer robust solutions for a range of clients via three main distribution channels, Commerzbank’s Bonds and Certificate programme, OTC and Private Placements tailored to your risk and return expectations Find out more



For up-to-date commodities research on a range of themes and market developments, corporate and institutional customers can access our research at the Research portal here