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Structured Products Europe Awards 2016

Nordic Region House of the Year
Iberia House of the Year

Deutsches Risk Rankings 2016

No. 1 Overall
No. 1 Currency, Overall
No. 1 Interest Rates, Overall
No. 1 FX Swaps
No. 1 FX Options
No. 1 FX Forwards
No. 1 Interest-rate swaps
No. 1 Forward rate agreements
No. 1 Cross Currency swaps
No. 1 Commodity products

Global Custodian’s 2016 Leaders in Custody Awards

No. 1 Agent Banks in Major Markets – Germany
No. 1 Innovation Award for Transformational Business Strategy

The 2016 Profit & Loss Digital FX Awards

Super Regional Award 2016

CMD Money Market Awards 2016

No. 1 Best FIG CP Dealer

IAIR Global Awards 2016

Best ETF Market Maker - Asia