Helping you with analytics, advisory & solutions on risk

Commerzbank Global Corporate & Investor Solutions Group helps companies manage the impact of market risks, such as those from interest rates, credit spreads and inflation, foreign exchange, commodity, pensions and emerging markets, to corporate key metrics.

Solution Creation

Strategic Risk Considerations

  • Transformation: M&A; structural change and regional change
  • Investor perception; share price performance; competitive advantage
  • Cyclicality; leverage; inflation; elasticity; pensions

Impact Risk Analysis

  • Ratings and covenants; equity analysts
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) and their important risk drivers
  • Capital; cash flows; liquidity

Risk Policy Advisory

  • Finding and testing the performance of optimal hedges
  • Incorporating both strategic and tactical factors into hedge decisions
  • Practical considerations: peer analysis; accounting; tax

Product & Timing Advisory

  • Product, timing and relative value
  • Portfolio and correlation impact
  • Accounting and regulatory change

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